About Us

KINIYIDUN meaning, this is sweet

Temi Igbinovia | Creative Director and CEO at Kiniyidun

The journey to Kiniyidun began many years ago when CEO Temi Igbinovia took a keen interest in baking as a young girl. At university, she began selling cakes and treats with a friend, out of her dorm room in Ghana. While her artistic nature and academic endeavours drew to her an MA Character Animation at UAL in London, baking remained a steadfast love also. It was clear when she began a baking blog, and baked through an entire cookbook, that this was more than just a hobby. The idea of a bakery of her own in Nigeria took hold in her heart.

An idea remains nothing without a plan, so plan she did, throwing herself completely into the building of a solid brand. In November 2013, Kiniyidun was born just in time for christmas and her Rich Fruit cake was a massive hit. Today, Kiniyidun is an innovative business that under Temi’s creative and administrative direction provides thousands of customers with delicious sweet treats year-round. 

Each cake is treated as a work of art, and hundreds of designs and counting have been created to suit clients with a vast range different personalities and tastes.

The Kiniyidun team is truly passionate about baking, keeping high quality ingredients, great taste and customer satisfaction as utmost priority.

We invite you to the Kiniyidun experience.

 It really is sweet!